For those looking for exceptional flavours

Probably the most popular place for our guests is the restaurant of the Hunters’ Inn at Siauliai Region. This cosy, classic-style restaurant is an ideal place for gourmets who value good food, pleasant service and those, who are looking for an exclusive experience for their taste buds.
From the very early morning to late evening we are ready to please you with wonderful food, gourmet drinks and pleasant service.

Complex lunch

We kindly invite you to visit the restaurant and for those who do not have time to wait,
to eat a Complex Lunch

11:30 – 14:00

Soup of the day

1,00 Eur


Cabbage rolls with boiled potatoes, sauce, vegetables

3,20 Eur


Chicken stew with rice and vegetables

3,80 Eur


Potato pie

1,80 Eur


Pork chop with french fries and vegetables

3,60 Eur


Fish grinders with sauce, boiled potatoes, vegetables

3,80 Eur

We also offer

Pancakes with curd

2,50 Eur

Pancakes with bananas

2,50 Eur

Samogitian pancakes

2,10 Eur

Fried dumplings with smoked ham and cheese

2,20 Eur

Pork chop with vegetables and french fries

3,60 Eur

Chicken steak with vegetables and french fries

3,40 Eur

A cosy oasis for gourmets

We invite you to start the day with a cup of wonderfully flavoured Italian coffee and a rich breakfast buffet. The cosy atmosphere of the hotel and delicious food will ensure a great start to your day!
Those who have lost their time during the day – we invite you to enjoy a rich and delicious complex lunch!
Well, in the evening, we invite you to relax after a day full of work or excitement, and with quiet music, enjoy a glass of wine and a thoughtful, precisely served gourmet dinner. The restaurant’s chef offers professionally prepared hunting dishes made from venison, wild boar, beaver, venison and fallow deer.
During the warm season, we invite you to enjoy the outdoor terrace in the evening and enjoy sophisticated cocktails of various colours and tastes.
For your convenience, we organize business lunches, project presentations, coffee breaks during conferences, banquets, buffets, corporate parties and family celebrations in the restaurant and banquet hall at the Hunters’ Inn. Excellent cuisine, attentive staff and a cosy restaurant environment will leave an indelible impression on both you and your holiday guests. Well, and if you want to celebrate in your environment, but want impeccable tastes, you can take advantage of our restaurant’s outbound food service.
In the restaurant the Hunters’ Inn of Siauliai region, you will feel like in a cosy oasis, where you will be surrounded by pleasant sounds, seductive smells and tastes that ensure maximum pleasure.
We’re waiting for you!


The dishes prepared by our chef are a delight to smell, aesthetics for the eyes and a fiesta of flavours for the tongue!